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Since gutters are not necessarily the most visible element of your house or business, you may not always recognize that they are suffering from wear and tear. You may not notice the need for gutter repairs until the damage is extensive.  However, there are a lot of problems associated with malfunctioning gutters, which is why it is essential never to delay in scheduling Shreveport gutter repair from our dependable team at LA Rain Pros.

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How to Detect That Your Gutters Need to Be Repaired

Gutters that are broken, leaky, or pulling away from the building can cause a lot of damage to the rest of your property, so you should look for even the most subtle signs that your gutters need repairs. Let our dedicated gutter service contractors know if you ever happen to notice any of the following.

Signs You Need Gutter Repair:

  • Water is still accumulating, even though you have recently had your gutters thoroughly cleared out – If your gutter was never correctly installed, or did not properly settle after installation, it will not be able to grade well, leading to collected water.
  • The gutters look like they have cracked, corroded, or rusted – This is a clear sign that accumulated water damage has hurt the integrity of your gutters.
  • Your gutter system appears to be sagging or pulling away from the roof – Even if your gutters are made of lightweight materials, the pressure enforced on them as they lean away will not only hurt the gutters themselves but could greatly damage your siding and fascia.
  • The siding displays discolored, brown stains – When the drip flashing has come loose or cracked, the water which pours down will stain your beautiful siding and trim. 

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How Important Is Gutter Repair?

Gutters are designed to move excess water away from the siding and foundation of your home. If these gutter systems fail, rainwater will not be diverted correctly and the water will then pool around the base of your property, leading to a host of other problems. That’s why it’s imperative you schedule a repair as soon as you notice an issue. When gutters are not fixed right away, that nuisance of accumulated water can turn into a major flood, leading to massive damage to your belongings and a weakening of the integral structure of your foundation, amongst other possible problems.

What Are the Consequences of Damaged Gutters?

  • The wood in surrounding fascia, siding, walls, or window frames can begin to rot
  • The gutters can warp
  • The roof can become affected, potentially developing a leak
  • The gutters can start to grow mold
  • The soil around your property’s foundation can begin to erode
  • The damaged gutters can welcome unwanted pests and animals
  • The exterior walls and chimney can develop cracks

The above issues can all occur if gutter damage is neglected, leading to more costly services being required than would normally be necessary. So, not only will you eventually have to spend more money in servicing your damaged gutters, but you will also have to contact someone to restore all of your siding and fascia, which can be ruined without the security they normally rely on from your gutter system. All of this frustration can be prevented if you immediately seek proactive repairs for your gutters when damage has occured.

What Causes Damage to Gutters?

While the damage an unrepaired gutter can cause may be apparent, you may be uncertain of the source of the issue in the first place. Unfortunately, while gutter systems are durable enough to handle most elements, overtime they can be damaged by a variety of conditions. A primary culprit behind gutter damage are severe storms. High winds can cause your well-supported gutter system to pull away from the house due to the force of the wind, while heavy rains can cause the gutters to overflow. However, storms are not the only potential reason why damage can occur to this integral system.

Other Possible Causes of Gutter Problems:

  • Faulty initial installation of the gutter system
  • Severely clogged gutters
  • Loose hangers
  • Leaks
  • Incorrect slope of the gutter system
  • Falling trees and branches
  • Neglected maintenance
  • Incorrectly placed or installed downspouts
  • Disconnected joints
  • General wear-and-tear

Regardless of the cause, it’s best to contact an experienced Shreveport gutter repair expert at the first indication of a problem in order to maintain and protect your property, and gutter system, from water damage and other costly issues.

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gutter repair that Safeguards the Well-Being of Everyone on Your Property

Did you know that malfunctioning gutters are some of the prime suspects related to growing pest populations in Louisiana?  On account of our warm and humid climate, generations of mosquitos, gnats, flies, termites, cockroaches, and even rodents are already booming more than ever, and these pests love to nest within your blocked-up, faulty gutters. 

To safeguard the health of those you care about from the horrible diseases carried by these pesky intruders, seek out thorough repairs from LA Rain Pros for your gutters before they attract dangerous pests. We also handle gutter installations!

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